Real Estate

Real estate consists of two components. Selling your house or having an investment property cleaned up following tenants vacating.

Private Residences

Preparing a house for sale can result in having to remove some general waste from sheds, attics or even material that may  gathered in a spare room.

Burnside Trash rubbish removal will come to your property load all the rubbish into our mobile bins and leave and clients only pay for the volume we remove. There is no need to gather it all into one area, just show our team what you want removed and all happens from there.

Investment Properties

When a property is vacated by tenants and there is some rubbish left behind, we will attend the property load all the material into our mobile bins, plus empty all the council bins.

This allows clients to get the property ready for the next set of tenants within a few days. We also have access to all forms of trades to get the small jobs done inside and gardens cleaned up.

If we need to collect keys from property managers, then that is part of the service Burnside Trash offers.

We work very closely with several property Managers throughout Adelaide to make this process as easy at it should be.

Real Estate