Hard Rubbish Removal

Why Burnside Trash are the right Hard Rubbish removal business for you!

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  • We can remove all forms of rubbish
  • We load your Hard Rubbish
  • Simply show us where it is
  • No need to accumulate it in the one spot
  • We bring the Transfer Station to you
  • We can guarantee diversion from landfill
  • You only pay for the volume we remove
  • No damage to your driveway with our removal system
  • We simply load it and leave, Leaving our clients with a stress free SMILE!

Hard rubbish removal

These days local councils still offer free hard waste collection once to twice a year, however depending on which local council you’re a part of this can vary. You also need to call your local council for a brief on their policy.   When using these council hard waste collection services there could be a wait time of  8-10 weeks before they can attend to your waste, they also often will limit the amount of waste removed to an amount of 2m³ per collection.

Here at Burnside Trash we’re available to come the next day or whenever works best for you. We do require a minimum of 2m³ with no limit on the maximum amount of waste removed, as we only charge you based on the volume in cubic meters of rubbish we collect from you.

We will come to your property and load your rubbish into our mobile bins, from wherever the waste is on the property, no matter if it’s on the fourth floor of an apartment/unit or on the ground floor of your property, simply tell us what needs to be removed and we take care of the hard work. Meaning you don’t have to drag what can be heavy and hard to manoeuvre waste to the kerb.


Burnside Trash have done some research for you on Some of the drawbacks of using a council ran hard-waste collection service:

  • Local councils will generally only allow one to three free hard waste collections per year, further collections will incur a fee.
  • These free collections generally only accept up to 2m³ of waste per collection.
  • When you book a hard waste collection, chances are you’ll have to book 4-6 weeks in advanced, leaving you with excess waste taking up space.
  • Guidelines on what can be collected can be strict and exclude many of the items needing disposal.
  • You are required to bring your hard waste to the kerbside for collection, which can be a difficult process for many people.
  • Some local councils don’t have a hard waste collection service at all.

98% of the hard rubbish we deliver to our partnered transfer station is diverted from Landfill to be recycled or otherwise sustainably disposed. This is standard practice with our partner transfer station.

Hard Rubbish Items include

  • Cupboards
  • Wardrobes
  • Mattresses
  • Fridges
  • Washing Machines
  • Dryers
  • Tyres
  • Bed Frames
  • Home gym equipment

As part of the service we offer in Hard Rubbish Removal, we load the hard rubbish from anywhere within the property into our mobile units.

Susan Todd

Would like to thank Clive and his wing man for the FANTASTIC job they completed this morning. All sheds are all nice and clean. Thank you on doing a great job I highly recommend the guys at Burnside Trash, and will definitely use your services again. 10 star rating from me keep up the great work.

Emma Amos

Just wanted to pass on the following feedback from our GM:

Great blokes! Couldn’t have been more helpful and did not once make comment or seem frustrated that the job was far bigger than expected. They just worked their backsides off and got the job done! Great company. Would use again and recommend highly.Thanks again Clive for doing this job at such short notice. Really appreciate it and we will definitely keep your details on file for any future jobs we have.


Good afternoon Clive. Thank you for collecting our rubbish. Your men did a good job. I will recommend you to my friends. Your service is excellent. 

Cheers Lillbeth