Building Waste

Home renovation waste

All clients need to do is pile up all your rubbish to be collected close to where their building site is, contact us here at Burnside Trash and we’ll take care of the rest! We attend the site, load all the rubbish into our mobile bins, sweep the site and move on. Clients only pay for the volume we remove measured in m³. You can estimate the volume of your waste by following this formula Length x Width x Height (all in metres) and the result will show you the estimated volume in m³.

You may have knocked out a wall, installed a new kitchen or even renovated one of the rooms in your house and need somewhere to put all the waste. There is no need to have a bulky skip sitting in your driveway or on the kerbside and feeling the pressure to complete the job in the short time you can have the skip there by yourself. We can load it from wherever the pile is on the property, simply point it out to us and we’ll get to work. Having your renovation waste handled has never been so easy.

Residential Builders

We only require a minimum of 2m³ of waste per collection and can come to your site as often as you require to collect your rubbish removal.This system allows us to keep your site clean, enabling contractors to always work safely on site and keep your work to a minimum.Often residential building sites do not accumulate enough waste earlier on in the project to justify using larger bins. However when the rubbish has piled up, it is left to the builders and other contractors to clean up. This can waste contractors time, meaning you have to pay them for more hours!As part of our service we do that for you, making your build more labour effective, and often faster to complete.

Commercial/Shop defit & Refit

Our mobile bins are registered vehicles, so we do not need council approval to park on the street or in a shopping centre to load your waste, meaning we can put our bins as close to you as possible, minimising the time we need to remove your waste.If you are working in the CBD or in a shopping centre where skips cannot be placed, we offer a cost effective alternative to deal with all your rubbish management needs.  We will simply arrive, load all the material and move on to dispose of your waste.  We will source all permits from centre management of shopping centres to make it easier for you to focus on your build. 660 or 360 ltr. bins can be loaned to you throughout your project to make it easier to manage the small off cuts. We can attend the site on an as needed basis to empty the bins.

Our bins are 3.2 m long, so you don’t need to spend valuable time cutting or breaking up counters or larger display cabinets to ensure that they fit, simply throw it in the bin and we’ll handle the rest. When you use Burnside Trash for all builders waste, your waste management problems will be washed away.

Builders waste consist of both home renovation waste, Residential Builders Waste, Commercial fit out rubbish. We take plasterboard, timber, metal, carpets, old flooring, polystyrene, cardboard.

Susan Todd

Would like to thank Clive and his wing man for the FANTASTIC job they completed this morning. All sheds are all nice and clean. Thank you on doing a great job I highly recommend the guys at Burnside Trash, and will definitely use your services again. 10 star rating from me keep up the great work.

Emma Amos

Just wanted to pass on the following feedback from our GM:

Great blokes! Couldn’t have been more helpful and did not once make comment or seem frustrated that the job was far bigger than expected. They just worked their backsides off and got the job done! Great company. Would use again and recommend highly.Thanks again Clive for doing this job at such short notice. Really appreciate it and we will definitely keep your details on file for any future jobs we have.


Good afternoon Clive. Thank you for collecting our rubbish. Your men did a good job. I will recommend you to my friends. Your service is excellent. 

Cheers Lillbeth