Are you moving to a new house or office? Or simply need to clear out some household items that you have been holding onto, taking up space? This process can feel like a nightmare to anyone, especially when you have hard rubbish to dispose of. That is why hard rubbish collection services exist, and are ready to serve. Disposing of hard rubbish can become a stressful process, so why subject yourself to that? Especially if you do not have the equipment or experience.

What is hard rubbish?

To properly understand the process of disposing your hard rubbish rubbish in Adelaide, it is crucial you first know what qualifies as hard rubbish. To clarify what counts as hard rubbish, think of items that have certain disposal requirements; for example, mattresses, fridges and freezers. Certain types of waste from your garden or backyard also falls into this category, such as branches. Generally what we mean by the term hard rubbish, is bulky items that are difficult to move.

Why do these items pose a challenge?

A challenge is posed when looking to remove these bulky items, as often local authorities only offer 1-3 collections of hard waste each year. You cannot dispose of these large, bulky items in regular waste collection due to their size and need for size-specific equipment, which makes it difficult to organise a hard waste collection. The only options you have left are to try and dispose of the rubbish yourself- potentially injuring yourself-, or organise for a waste company to come and provide service for your hard waste collection. It is not recommended that anyone tries to remove and dispose of their hard waste on their own. This is because it is essential to possess the right equipment for the job, including a suitable vehicle or trailer to transport your items. If you are disposing of many items and do not have access to transport large enough to fit everything, this will cause you to take multiple trips which is very time consuming. Furthermore, getting injured is a very real aspect to consider before deciding to do it yourself. Providing you have a suitable vehicle, are within distance of a recycling centre, and have considered the possibility of injury, it is possible to do it yourself, but keep in mind that we are a professional rubbish removal service, trained to do this exact job safely and efficiently, saving you the time and effort.

Hard waste collection services are your easiest option

If you are in need of a hard waste collection service, call Burnside Trash. We are able to provide you with efficient hard waste collection, when you want it. How long have you been holding onto bulky items and have simply never gotten around to disposing of them because they have such specific requirements? How much space would you make in your garage or storage facility if you removed all these large or heavy objects? These objects are difficult to handle, and that is exactly why we are here to help, with our hard waste collection service. If you book our service, you will no longer have to stress about what to do with all these hard waste objects. We will simply be able to turn up, load your rubbish and remove it straight away- safely and quickly. As soon as you have booked our service, there is no more heavy lifting on your part, and we will do the rest. There is no reason to make this job harder on yourself than it needs to be.

Moving home?

If you need to dispose of your hard rubbish due to moving into a new home, it is extremely beneficial to book our service. Moving homes is stressful enough when considering all the packing that needs to be done, and you likely don’t want to spend valuable time trying to remove your hard waste yourself. So don’t! Many people who try to do this themselves end up leaving their hard waste in a public space, and this is illegal, and harmful to the environment. If you do not have the skills or equipment to legally and safely dispose of your hard waste, book a professional service and you won’t even need to think twice about it.

The best way to remove your hard rubbish is by booking a collection service. This will ultimately save you time, effort, and money. Your time is valuable, and disposing of your hard waste correctly is a time-consuming process, but not if you book our service. We do not recommend you attempt to remove the waste yourself, as you risk injury, whereas our team is professionally trained to do so safely. The money you end up spending on suitable transport and petrol, will be put to better and more efficient use when you book our service instead. On top of the fact that local councils only offer between 1-3 hard waste collection services each year, the wait for such service could be up to 8-10 weeks. Again, we urge you to consider our efficient services when in need of hard waste removal.