Hard rubbish is classed as large bulky items that cannot fit into a regular bin. Your regular weekly rubbish pick up won’t remove this rubbish for you and finding the right waste collection dump point is a challenge when you live in the Adelaide region. You may not have the right vehicle to transport the majority of your hard waste, and if you do it may require you to take many trips to and from and that will take a lot of your time, not to mention hiring a trailer if needed. This is where you hire a hard rubbish and waste collection company that will do all the hard lifting for you.

Hard rubbish is rubbish that has certain disposal requirements. These larger items include things like fridges, washing machines, couches, tables, televisions, mattresses etc. Some green waste also falls into this category such as large branches and stumps. Hard waste is classed as large, heavy bulky items that can’t easily be moved.

Hard rubbish can make moving home extremely difficult. After many years of living at your current home you may have found that you have ended up with a massive build up of rubbish that never bothered you before until now. Make sure you don’t leave any hard rubbish or general waste behind when you move, this can come back around and fall on you. Talk to the team at Burnside Trash to get a quote to help you remove your hard rubbish and general waste from your property today.

What isn’t classed as Hard Rubbish?

Hard Rubbish may seem like almost everything from your backyard but there are a few things that you cannot remove as hard rubbish and need to be separated from other waste. Anything that was on a building site and/or construction materials such as cement mix, dirt, rubble and titles to list a few. Other items include:

  • Domestic waste
  • Hazardous waste (chemicals, paint, gas bottles, fuel canisters etc)
  • Car bodies
  • Batteries
  • Garden waste
  • Unwrapped or broken glass
  • Tyres
  • Cardboard , bottles, cans e.g. kerbside recyclable items
  • Medical waste e.g. syringes and sanitary items.

How to remove hard rubbish, why can’t I do it myself?

Hard Rubbish Collection in Adelaide is difficult to remove from your property because you only get a limited amount of hard waste pick ups from your local council every year which can lead to a build up of hard waste at your home and quickly becomes an eye-sore. You can remove the items yourself although this will require for you to have the vehicle to carry the items and be within reach of a waste disposal centre. You also need to be aware that these items are normally very heavy and require more than one person to lift them, if you are not familiar with how to lift heavy and bulky items you may end up with an injury.
Hard Waste Collection is the easiest method of removing hard rubbish, getting a professional to do the heavy lifting and hard work saves you money and any risk of injury. The team at Burnside Trash have the experience and knowledge of how to dispose of hard rubbish properly and safely without any risks. We can get your hard waste removed from your property quickly without any hassles.