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Burnside Trash are specialists in all forms of rubbish removal in Adelaide. Our personalised “do it for you” service and very reasonable pricing is why we are Adelaide’s NO.1 choice.

Residential Junk, Garden Waste and Rubbish

Burnside Trash can remove most forms of rubbish from residential properties with ease, whether it be a recurring collection at regular intervals or a once off waste removal. All you need is to decide what waste needs removal & we will load into our mobile skip bins from where ever it is on the property. We can move items like unwanted furniture, white goods, green waste, mattresses etc.  Whether you are cleaning out a room or downsizing, we  offer a cost effective solution to your excess rubbish.

We endeavour to recycle as much as we can through a third party transfer station, so you can be guaranteed that landfill will be minimised with what we remove from your property.

-Commercial & Builders Waste

Burnside Trash is able to manage all the excess waste from your business by offering a singular waste collection or we offer regular collections. Those businesses that require a regular collection will have large wheelie bins put in place for a regular exchange, simply place any waste you want removed in one of these bins and we’ll come exchange your bin. We can remove all forms of rubbish created by any commercial operation, at any volume. With Burnside trash, we’ll come to your commercial property anywhere in the serviced areas with one of our mobile skip bins, collect your waste in a time efficient and safe manner, where it will be unloaded at our partnered transfer station to be sorted and diverted from land fill.  Regardless if you are doing a one off tidy up or just have excess waste on regular basis Burnside Trash has a cost effective solution for your needs.

-Industrial Waste

Burnside Trash has Mobile Skip Bins that are 13 – 25 cubic metres in size varying in length from 3.2 – 6 metres in length. We can cater for oversized rubbish that is often created by industrial operations. Regardless of whether it is a regular recurring collection or a once off collection, Burnside Trash can come to your site, load the rubbish into our mobile skip bins and deliver it directly to the transfer station. All you need to do is show us what needs to go! 

 Whatever your excess rubbish problem may be Burnside Waste can offer a cost-effective solution, whether it be oversized pallets, packaging, green waste, we can deal with it.


Rubbish disposal is an ongoing problem for wider community and the environment. Many Adelaide households depend on their local council’s garbage collection service to dispose of their waste on a weekly basis, but this option won’t always work. Hard or heavy items such as concrete, bricks, rocks, car parts and timber are restricted from being disposed off in general waste bins. Other items such as electronic waste (E-Waste) can also be tricky to dispose of properly. 

Overflowing waste can quickly add up and finding cost effective and environmentally friendly ways to dispose of your waste can be time consuming. Waste in landfill can take centuries to degrade, landfill sites also take up large amounts of space, as populations rise and more land is needed to develop with the rising population, landfill is quickly becoming an obvious unsustainable waste management system and our environment is quickly being harmed in the process. It’s an avoidable situation, we’d like to urge you not to dispose waste into landfills unless it is absolutely necessary ( Recycle items that are recyclable.)—our team can help you avoid it through our range of services for households and businesses. 

Below we’ll explain what happens to your rubbish once it gets disposed into a landfill—hopefully, the below information will inspire you to start disposing of your waste in an environmentally friendly manner so we can all do our bit together to reduce landfill waste!

What Happens In Landfills

In modern landfills, the waste gets segregated into municipal solid waste, construction and demolition waste and white goods. These types of waste are disposed of separately, with as many recyclable materials as possible being diverted to recycling depots.  The waste in landfills is rolled over and turned into a compact pile with the help of heavy and large equipment. After the pile reaches a prescribed height, a layer of dirt is added and a second pile is added.  

The bottom of the pile of rubbish is lined with rubber to prevent contamination of groundwater. This ground water is also collected and processed using a network of pipes. In some large landfill sites, gas wells are also drilled into the rubbish pile to collect methane produced in landfills. This methane is put to good use in generators or for heating.  

In theory, the system of a landfill works quite well, but it can and has had a huge cost on the environment. Additionally, it’s not always possible to prevent contamination of groundwater or collect all of the methane. It’s best to avoid our rubbish going to landfill.

“So if you’re in doubt about how to dispose of your waste, please contact a good rubbish removal company for help and advice!


Let your rubbish problem become ours

Where Your Rubbish Goes

Regardless of the ways in which you remove rubbish from your home, or the amount of rubbish you produce, you’ve probably wondered before where your rubbish ends up. The average Australian produces more than 2.6 tonnes of waste every year, so we’re each responsible for a massive amount of waste—and this figure is rising all the time! 

In South Australia, waste generally has two places it can be safely disposed of, these options are landfill or a recycling depot. Where it ends up is up to you and your behaviour—it’s your choice, your decision to determine how you dispose of your waste. If your rubbish ends up in landfill, it will have negative effects on the environment. If you can ensure your recyclables end up at a recycling depot, you will be helping the environment and reducing landfill waste. 


While majority of waste produced within South Australia is successfully diverted from landfill, close to 1 mega-tonne (970,000Kg) of waste a year is disposed of into landfill sites, which are simply dumping sites where your rubbish remains permanently. Once a landfill site becomes full, it is covered up and a new landfill is created—hence why the world is quickly running out of space for our rubbish. 

Landfills are an environmental hazard. The rubbish that gets dumped into landfills slowly degrades and decomposes over time, causing emission of greenhouse gases, which as you likely know contributes to global warming and other environment ill-effects. Some rubbish decomposes fairly quickly, but items like plastics take decades, even centuries, to completely degrade, putting enormous pressure on our environment. 

When you next need to dispose of household rubbish, stop to think for a moment about landfills and what impact the waste you are about to throw out will have on the environment.   Will the materials you’re throwing out decompose quickly and easily?  Will they take decades and release toxins into the environment?   Try to think of the best option to dispose of your waste—not all rubbish should go to landfill. As we’ll explain later in this guide, there are many types of waste that can be recycled or reused! 

If you’re considering throwing something away and you’re unsure of the impact it will have on the environment, or if you’re unsure of the best way to dispose of it, contact a company that specialises in​ rubbish removal in Adelaide, like BURNSIDE TRASH. We’ll can give you advice on ensuring that your rubbish is disposed of properly, or let you know if you need one of our services to best dispose it—above all, we’ll suggest ways to minimise the amount of waste being sent to landfills. 


In so many parts of the world there is insufficient space for landfills. In these places incineration plants are used to dispose of rubbish, which can be extremely toxic and damaging to the environment. Incineration is the process of burning rubbish to get rid of it. Keep in mind that incineration is prohibited by most councils in your own backyard. 

While Australia does not currently have an incineration plant, Western Australia has recently green lighted a residual waste incineration plant. This incineration plant, unlike the ones that will burn all manners of waste which can be extremely damaging to the environment, will only burn the residual pieces of waste collected after the recycling process. This means that any waste that was not successfully recycled, can be incinerated, reducing the amount of waste going to land fill. 


Recycling is the most environmentally friendly and preferable method of waste disposal around the world. Recycling your rubbish avoids unnecessary waste being sent to landfill, which reduces the impact on the environment.   Not all materials can be recycled, but a large number of them can—materials like glass, metal, paper, organic waste and some plastics can easily be recycled. 

 Never mix recyclable waste with your general waste, this cross-contamination can lead to entire loads of previously recyclable materials no longer feasible for the recycling process. Make use of your local council recycling program or take your recyclables directly to a recycling plant. If you don’t have access to a recycling depot or struggle to find the time for the trip.If you have too much rubbish to dispose of correctly by yourself, don’t dump it! Contact Burnside Trash today, we’ll safely handle your waste.


So many households end up with too much waste on their hands, and end up confused about how best to dispose of their rubbish. Most people make use of the council waste collection services, but many others choose to dispose waste on their own, thinking they’re doing the right thing—but the truth is that both of these approaches are not optimal for the environment or the household. Council services don’t occur often enough for many households (many services only occur fortnightly or weekly). 

A better way to remove waste from your home is to engage the services of a waste removal company who will know what the best disposal option is for your situation. A common option is the hiring of a Waste removal service, these services can provide many solutions such as regularly exchanged green waste bins, collection of hard waste, or even a once off clean up.


Garbage includes most types of household waste that need to be disposed. The simplest and easiest way to get rid of household waste is to use your local garbage collection service.  Another effective option is to hire a skip bin. All you need to do is to contact Burnside Trash to have our team drop by with one of our mobile skips to collect your waste. Once we fill it up with your garbage, we will collect and safely dispose of the waste for you. We use the services of a partnered transfer station that handles the sorting of all waste we collect, guaranteeing that we recycle whatever we can. 


If you’re cleaning out your home you’ll find much of your household waste is recyclable. Be sure to separate your recyclables, as they can be treated and reused, and you’ll be able to reduce the amount of waste reaching landfill. You can deposit your recyclables with your council’s recyclable waste collection service, or take them to a recycling facility. You could also salvage or donate your recyclable waste to charity. 


Garden waste includes all types of waste produced in a household garden, including recyclable green waste and other types of general waste. When maintaining your garden, you will no doubt be left with a lot of garden waste—this shouldn’t be mixed with any other form of waste. This is because green waste can be recycled, while general waste cannot. The best way to remove garden waste is through green waste bin hire, which you can hire from Burnside Trash. You can also use your local council green bins, which are picked up on a fortnightly basis in many councils.  


Let your rubbish problem become ours


Hard rubbish is getting more challenging to dispose of with councils easing back on hard rubbish collections. The team at Burnside Trash will come to your property remove the hard rubbish from wherever it is on the property and load it into our mobile skip bins. We can deal with any situation, whether it’s an upstairs unit/flat or a ground floor property. All you have to do is point out to us what is going and we’ll make sure it will disappear before your eyes!  

To have us help you there’s only a minimum volume of 2 cubic metres, up to whatever volume you have. You can include mattresses, empty paint tins any form of white goods & e-waste. By using Burnside Trash you’re saying goodbye to the stress of hard waste disposal. 


Residential rubbish is also called urban solid waste. It usually consists of household waste and that waste can be classified into five different categories: 

• Recycling 

• Biodegradable 

• Construction 

• Assorted 

• Hazardous 

Recycling waste includes paper, glass, aluminium, cardboard and plastic. Biodegradable waste is organic waste, such as food scraps and food products. Construction waste is items such as rocks, debris and timber. Assorted waste can include household items such as clothing, shoes and books. Hazardous waste consists of items that are potentially hazardous to the environment or humans, such as paints, transmission fluids, fertilisers, chemicals. 

Any of the above types of residential solid waste can be difficult and dangerous to handle. It is advisable that you hire a residential rubbish removal company, such as Burnside Trash, who are qualified to remove the waste for you safely and effectively. 

What type of residential rubbish removal company to hire? 

When hiring a residential rubbish removal company, it’s important to do your research and ensure the company you are hiring is reputable and qualified. There are two types of residential rubbish removal companies: a company that just supply bins for you to fill with your own rubbish and a company that will charge you a nominal fee to remove your rubbish. 

If you have a small amount of rubbish to be removed you may consider a bin only service. If you have a large volume of different types of waste or you are time poor, for your safety a paid rubbish removal company that will pick and take away your rubbish would suit your needs best. 

What happens next? 

Upon contacting Burnside Trash, we will gain further information regarding the type and amount of waste you wish to dispose of. We will base our quotation on this information. Should you choose to book Burnside Trash, we will book in the removal on your day of choice. Included in our service is, not only removal of all waste, but a thorough sweep and clean of the entire dumping ground. We then deliver the waste collected to a partnered transfer station, who will sort the waste into the proper categories to be disposed of properly. 

Because of our partnership, We are able to recycle approximately 90 of the collected waste and we have extensive facilities to compost the biodegradable waste. We also have special facilities to treat and dispose of hazardous wastes. Additionally, where possible, we use energy recovery plants, where waste is converted into energy. 

Burnside Trash is a reputable, trusted Adelaide waste removal service. We pride ourselves on our services and try to dispose of all collected residential waste in an environmentally-friendly manner. 


As we told you earlier, Australians produce about 2.6 tonnes of waste every year per person, making waste removal in Adelaide an increasingly difficult and costly problem to tackle. Luckily there’s a way for you to help tackle this growing problem – by reducing, reusing and recycling your waste. Below we’ll give you some simple ideas on how to reduce, reuse and recycle your waste! 


Whenever you can, look for ways to reduce the amount of your waste in your daily life, before thinking of reusing or recycling. Simple ideas you could try include reducing your use of plastic bags and completely avoiding the purchase of non-recyclable materials. Go for products that have minimal packaging and choose items that you can use productively and repeatedly. Try to choose products that eliminate new waste being produced, and keep an eye out for products made by companies dedicated to lessening their impact on the environment. Reducing waste altogether is the number one solution for avoiding harm to the environment. 

Of course it’s impossible for you to reduce waste completely—but you can certainly greatly reduce the waste you choose to buy. Choose your products wisely!  As a professional rubbish removal company in Adelaide, we’ve seen it all, and the best piece of advice we can give you is to reduce your waste to start with—rather than be stuck trying to work out how to get rid of products you never needed to start with. 


Before you throw out your waste, think creatively about what materials or products you could reuse! If you think you have products that could be reused but you won’t reuse yourself, consider donating the products to a charity or other community organisations that would benefit from them.

—you’ll not only be helping other people, but the environment too. Reusing products is a great solution to reducing your waste, and it will also save you money that you would otherwise spend on waste removal.  

There are so many items that get discarded as waste that could easily be reused. Things like bottles and containers, envelopes, cardboard, packaging can all be reused in various ways. When you purchase products, look for items that can be refilled, reused or recycled. Try to repair your items instead of replacing them. Use rechargeable batteries and any other repeat use items that you can use over and over. 


Recycling is the most environmentally friendly way of eliminating your waste in Adelaide. By recycling products, less of your waste to be sent to landfills and incineration plants, making a huge positive impact to the environment.  Recycling of products is easy—use your local council recycling service, take you recyclables to a depot, or call a professional rubbish removal company to help you transfer the recyclables to the right location. Don’t forget to separate all recyclable waste from your garbage—and don’t throw any recyclables away in your trash! When you’re purchasing products, choose products that can be recycled over those that cannot—this information will be stated on product labels. It’s also worth remembering that In South Australia, you can earn a 10c rebate on cans, bottles and other recyclables when you take them to your local recycling depot—it might not seem like much, but it adds up to a nice little incentive if you do this often enough! 


Household waste comes in many forms—organic waste, building material waste, e-waste, chemical and hazardous waste, food waste, packaging waste and many others. It’s helpful for you to know which type of waste you have on hand before considering how to remove your rubbish in Adelaide. The Australian Government offers some handy tips that will help you be more aware of the different types of waste and how to dispose of each waste type.  


Let your rubbish problem become ours